Sample handling from 1g to 25kg units

Take advantage of our expertise in sample handling, guaranteeing your company efficiencies and reduced costs.
We will store your raw materials as well as send samples to your new and existing clients in compliance with all legal requirements while fulfilling all your requirements in quality and CI.


Precision logistics with professional storage systems for single pack size storage

Besides the storage capacities for drums and paletts we operate 3 Kardex shuttles for single bottle/packsize storage.
These shuttles are approved for storage of DG-materials and are connected via an interface with our SAP system which allows a precise inbound and outbound process at a very low error rate (<0,5%).


Professionals at work

Regardless of the classification of the products, our logistics team know exactly how to work safely with materials from all DG warehouse classes while using the existing PSA. We are proud to announce that we had 0 accidents in during the past 10 years!


Container inbounds and outbounds

Container Inbounds and Outbounds are part of our daily work. Our logistics experts are well trained and organized to assure we meet the targeted loading times and make sure there will be no additional costs for our customers.