Livchem Logistics is run by professionals with intercultural experience and interdisciplinary skills covering chemistry, logistics, regulatory affairs, and everything else that is needed to understand our customers’ requirements and fulfill them.

Understanding is based on communication, and as we all know: you cannot not communicate – Livchem Logistics loves to communicate with you in: German, English, Indian, French, Russian, Amharic, and if necessary: via Google translate.

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With our respective personal expertise and communication skills we will listen and support your logistics and distribution requirements:

Office / Customer Service:

Yvonne Jambresic

Operations Manager and Authorized Representative


Ext: +49 (0)69 35 35 106 10

As commercial specialist with experience in various industries and job functions ranging from purchasing to sales, Yvonne combines excellent knowledge in e-commerce related fields with outstanding personal relations to our European customer base. Due to her reliability since joining Livchem in 2008 and natural leadership, she was promoted to authorized representative in early 2014. Effective March 1st 2015 Yvonne took over additional responsibilities within the company and will lead Livchem Logistics as Operations Manager.


Caroline Küppers

Technical Support & Customer Service


Ext: +49 (0)69 35 35 106 16

Caroline joined the Livchem team in November 2014. As a chemical engineer she offers experience, professional knowledge, accuracy and process-oriented thinking and will prepare Livchem for the upcoming QM (Quality Management), ISO-Certification and SQAS-Certification (Safety and Quality Assessment System) in 2018.

Claudia Fafinski

Warehouse & Logistics


Ext: +49 (0)69 35 35 106 300

As a logistics specialist with more then 20 years of experience, Claudia enhanced our logistics team since July 2016. Due to her professional work style she took over the responsibility for some logistics customers as the main contact already.

Warehouse / Logistics:

Philipp Heine-Brähler

Warehouse & Logistics Manager


Ext: +49 (0)69 35 35 106 300

Logistics expert with tremendous experience in warehousing and shipping of Dangerous Goods worldwide. Philipp is gaining additional qualifications in transport and logistics. As a team-leader he is highly respected by his staff and management.

Mark Trentmann

Dangerous Goods Officer Street (ADR/GGVSE) / Sea (IMO) PK1 referring to ICAO/IATA


Ext: +49 (0)69 35 35 106 300

Mark, in his function as internal and external monitoring officer of Dangerous Goods, ensures logistics safety to our company and also to all our clients and logistics partners. His professional experience and confidence ensure that the job is done professionally and correctly at all times. In addition, Mark is responsible for the management of global logistics for our key account customers.

Pascal Degene

Regulatory Affairs Compliance Officer


Ext: +49 (0)69 35 35 106 300

With his Master degree in Agro Chemistry and Soil Science and his broad range of language skills, Pascal is responsible for all regulatory affairs at Livchem, including the preparation of Material Safety Data Sheets. He is also our shipping specialist for international Dangerous Goods shipments.